We offer quality, innovative and reliable logistics services to our customers.

Our Delivery Times

International Road Transport

Cin Logistics is a logistics company based in Turkey; We provide fast transportation from Turkey to Europe, from Europe to Turkey and within Europe up to a certain weight. We promise to provide logistics services at the optimum level to our business partners with our vehicles with a capacity of 15 m³ - 23 m³ / 1.300 Kg within 36-72 hours, depending on the region, in transportation between our country and all European countries. including; We offer complete and partial operation services with our self-owned vehicles and strong business partners in trade with Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy. Our main goal is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the desired way and on time. Accordingly, we do not limit our shipments from Europe to Turkey and from Turkey to Europe with a single order; We also ship partial projects when necessary.

Minivan Express Transportation

We work meticulously to support the commercial efficiency of our business partners with all our staff from A to Z and through our fast moving service. We organize low-cost operations with our self-owned vehicles and, especially in Turkey; We offer minivan express service of 36 - 72 hours depending on the distance to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Netherlands, England, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy. With minivan express transportation, we carry out the deliveries of our customers as soon as possible with the route selections suitable for your address, without being stuck with the bans applied on weekends.

With our specially equipped minivan vehicles, we provide our customers with a high quality transportation experience between Turkey and Europe. With our vehicles with an average capacity of 15 - 20m³ and 1.3 tons, we provide 24/7 shipment tracking and deliver door-to-door deliveries in a guaranteed manner.

Complete Transport

Full Truck Load (FTL) means full trailer load. Loads are transported in a single vehicle. The cargoes set off immediately without waiting for new cargoes to be transferred or the vehicle capacity is full, and the transportation processes are completed without loss of time. It has advantages and disadvantages compared to partial transportation.

The Advantages of Complete Transportation over Partial Transportation:

-Loads are transported by a single vehicle.

-Transfer is not done.

-Vehicle New loads are not expected to fill its capacity.

Disadvantages of Complete Transportation Compared to Partial Transportation

-When there is less load, it may create additional costs compared to partial transportation when a vehicle is not filled.

Partial Transportation

It doesn't matter if your goods or products are too few to fill a single vehicle. We combine the loads of our different customers in the same warehouse, transport them in partial with a single vehicle and ensure their delivery. As in our other services, we regularly monitor the loading and unloading process of the goods in our partial shipments and offer maximum protection service. We care that our customers do not suffer any material damage, and with our partial transportation service, we make a difference both financially and with our transit time speed.

Fair and Exhibition Logistics

It provides services in the whole process from the way of international transportation of exhibition products, local and global customs clearance processes, preparation of shipping documents, delivery from the address to the stand, and delivery to the institution. It is a type of logistics that requires good planning and coordination from the very beginning.